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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Ok after seeing the video, it definitely looks better than static pictures. But I still stand by the fact that I think the fenders look squished, and the headlights are just disproportionally small. Oh and no MT is also a deal breaker for me anyway haha.

Yea I'm keeping a close eye on the BRZ. Too many rumors about the power bump during LCI so I'm definitely not in any hurry to get one. They are enticing to me because neither of my 2 cars average more than 20mpg haha. I've really warmed up to the Mustang (although I'm still not 100% sure about the rear bumper), but it doesn't make sense for me to have 2 big V8 coupes. So I'm looking to go completely opposite end of the spectrum... or dream about a Porsche haha
I want to want a BRZ... I'm just having issues with the interior. If I did the RB WBK I probably wouldn't give a rat's ass, but I had a chance to sit in a MkVII Golf test mule that a friend has been driving and I feel like I can't get a GT86 knowing how many better options are out there. I really just want a car that isn't heavy, is easy to kick the rear out on demand, and has a decent interior, and I don't want to spend more than $35-40k. I think the sixth gen Mustang will fit that bill a little better.

Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
Well said. M4 is a winner but the RC-F can't be ignored. Sure, there are design elements that I probably would have done differently but the side profile and stance is amazing. There are also quite a lot of nice features that you will notice if you pay attention. For a first attempt at a coupe in this segment Lexus has done a good job.

Someone also made a comment earlier that things have changed and M isn't necessarily the clear winner anymore. I tend to agree with that. I think now the M/AMG/RS/F rivals are all offering serious packages; in the end it comes down to personal preference.
100%. These OEMs have the formula down to the T, and we're all spoiled with more than capable options to choose from. Some models have reportedly taken a hit in overall capability (outgoing RS4), but it's really splitting hairs at this point.

Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
+1 the entire Lexota portfolio is trash. This car lacks any sense of design cohesion and just seems to be another iteration of "Techno" kitsch exclusive to the Japanese.
You don't understand what cohesion is if you think this doesn't have it. The surfacing and design elements are completely homogenous. It's actually amazing that they designed something that can look haphazard to an untrained eye yet works so well.

Originally Posted by Sedoy View Post
I think new Lexus RC-F looks great, very futuristic and future oriented car. In 2 years or so 4-series/M4 will look dated, actually they already look dated. Lexus RC-F looks like it's 2 generation ahead of BMW in terms of interior and exterior design. Much more modern looking car. And with nice LFA-style front bodykit it will look so much more exotic...
I wouldn't say that the F32/82 will look dated quicker; their conservative elements won't wear on the eye as quickly. The RC-F definitely looks like it came out of a different era, but the M twins are solidly designed, despite being predictable and conservative.
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