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Originally Posted by BoostedBimmer View Post
So after negotiating the sticker price............M cars command a higher money factors than non M BMW's?? I assume both are going to be difficult on negotiating because of it being a BRAND NEW "M". Doesn't credit ratings also affect what the MF would be too?? And is it, the lower the residual the lower the payment will be??

Damn thats a good chunk a change for a lease downpayment, but I guess it goes with what kind a car it is.

Striving for that $700 payment................time will tell.

Most new models that come out have subvened rates in order to help sales, so the MF are typically a little bit lower. Anytime there is a new "hot" model they typically will just charge standard MF, which can vary by your credit rating and location. So assuming you have great credit, a MF might be like .00320, and that's before any dealer markup on the rate.