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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
10 years of HPDE's with Stoptech, AP Racing (I introduced this forum to AP Racing brakes for the E92M3 back in 2009) and Brembo. Over the years I've run street pads and full race pads (PFC and Pagid) and the only hard-to-modulate experience I ever had was when I tried a set of Hawk DTC60's last year, and even they weren't particularly bad. I just finished taking the factory 380mm Brembo's off my GT500 and installing Stoptech 355's to give me more pad and rim size options. Getting these things to work perfectly isn't brain surgery.

All that said, what pads are you using?
Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
Yeah, I agree with John (JAJ), there's definitely something going on with your setup and/or in your brake system. I have had the Stoptech BBK on my E39 M5 now for 7 years, and it was a significant improvement in brake feel and especially modulation ability compared to the stock setup. With PFC01s installed and running on a sticky R-comp (BFG R1), application is smooth and progressive with excellent modulation. This is with the ST40 front calipers btw.

(not that it matters, but I've been an instructor for almost 30 years now although I long ago quit HPDE instructing once cars started showing up with huge power, no interest in it any longer...besides, instructing autox and the local national level competition in autocross is a lot of fun.)
That's interesting thanks guys for the comments. I thought everything was 100% so I'll have them looked at.

I'm running the StopTech street pads for both the street and track.
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