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Originally Posted by TrevorM3 View Post
All valid points. But, anytime you have a 20+ point lead into the third and you lose it... that's exactly what happened, YOU lost it.
i would agree 8 times out of 10 on what you said, but this game was not one of those games.

Chiefs didn't turn the ball over 4 times in the second half, they didn't rack up 150 yards worth of costly penalties and they didn't break down mentally.

Luck was a complete MONSTER in the second half. 3 TD passes and a fumble recovery for a TD.

his 50 yard pass to Rogers just before Brown ran in a TD was AMAZING.

and obviously his gorgeous ball he threw to Hilton for the 64 or 65 yard TD was brutally good.

Luck WON that game way more than the Chiefs lost it.

i would let 2 people in this world get my wife pregnant so that i could raise one of their babies: LeBron James and Andrew Luck