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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
I mean to lose any game, you have to lose, regardless of how it happens lol.

I'm just saying it's not like the Chiefs killed themselves with a bunch of turnovers or other major gaffes/mistakes to lose the lead.

Indy played with ferocity and beat them fair and square.

Because KC was +3 in the turnover battle I'd have to say that Indy earned this W more than KC relinquished it.

well, a win is a win however you get it, i suppose.

On to more important things.

Anywho, noticed you have a 63, i'll be picking up one this year. Why did you choose eurocharged? I'm on the MB forums, it seems the consensus is you can't really go wrong with most of the tuner companies out there. Input?

And are those numbers on a completely stock C? Or do you have other work done?