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This is my 2013 Frozen Blue M3. I wash at the bay wash sites (rinse spray, brush foam, rinse off, then soft water rinse. I then dry with a chamois and micro fiber towel, no hard rubbing.

I do have the BMW matte care kit (spray spot detailer, spray wax and hard paste wax), the kit was about $200 with $130 being the paste wax. The kit came with applicators and micro fiber towels. The price was about the same as the SwissVax matte care kits. The picture was taken today just after I washed and dried the car. The wheels are the winter wheel and tire setup. I have matte black 19" 359 wheels stored.

Overall the care for the car isn't hard, just no automatic car washes.

A suggestion, I have a matte clear bra on the front (bumper, hood, fenders and mirrors. I put that on to protect from stone chips. It's well worth the expense.

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