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Originally Posted by E92inSG View Post
I've got vorshlag plates so can pretty much set my front camber independently. So when my front camber is set to 3.5, the right side camber plate still has a ways to go even though the left side is almost maxed out. This leads me to believe something is bent. I replace the right side shock absorber and both tension arms.

Now I'm thing of replacing both wishbones as well.

Am I just wasting money since my front camber is set to what I want and matches left and right? Do I need to know why the camber tops aren't at the same settings?
Go back and read the thread, watch the videos, read the PDF file on Diagnosis. Get the alignment readings done by a good alignment shop using quality equipment. Take the Diagnosis PDF with you to the alignment technician and he should be able to guide you on what needs to be replaced

Without the readings you are just throwing parts at an unknown problem.
The camber plates will not correct the SAI angle and Included angles if those are your problem.