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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
From what I understand DSG and hence M-DCT downshifts CAN be slow if the system has not correctly anticipated the need for a lower gear. If it has, which it can do most often, the downshifts will be precisely the same speed as the upshifts. VW quotes 8 ms for DSG but a more realistic number from other sources is about .02-.03 s. This time is also likely the ENTIRE shift with both clutch operations. As we know SMG quotes times of .065 or .08 s are BS, including both clutch operations the actual time is closer to .20-.25 s

DSG and hence again M-DCT is inherently smooth shifting. I doubt they will provide a mode to cripple the system by making it more like SMG. I agree there is some raw appeal of the neck snap of SMG but fast=smooth=more performance=less wear with DSG/M-DCT. Along with the entire nature of the new M3 we are going to have to acccept that more raw/visceral is not faster nor better in many cases.
There is also the issue that block down-shifts e.g. 4-2 require both input shafts to be enaged since changes involving only a single shaft are not possible.

Anyway, to answer the OP's question, the 6MT is currently the only available option.