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Originally Posted by ChrisW View Post
Some advice for those of you about to order a new M3. The right salesman can make a big difference to how quickly you take delivery.

I was lucky to have the right salesman and managed to avoid what should have been a longer wait.

I paid my deposit 18 months ago and was 6th on the list at my dealer. BUT, I am now driving the 2nd customer car to arrive in our area. Customer car 3 is scheduled for late November delivery and I guess that car 6 will be 2008.

The good news of early delivery was accompanied a paranoid feeling – was I the only mug not to drop out following early lukewarm reviews or maybe everyone waiting for DSG? I was told not - I know the dealer wouldn’t want to admit a big fall out from the order book but I did believe that this was not the case.

The explanation is that my salesman got his customer orders on the system quicker that his colleagues. The dealer registers initial orders/deposits with BMW but none relate to any particular customer until specs, price and order codes etc are released. This is the first time dealers can put orders an the ‘system’. My salesman, who lives and breathes his job, simply jumped quicker than others. Some of you on this forum may have a better idea of whether this is the way it works.

Not sure how you can guarantee your salesman is the right one (it was luck for me) but if there is not much enthusiasm and calls are not returned, perhaps look elsewhere.

Doesn't seem fair on those who put deposits down before me but you don’t worry about that when you are revving your newly run-in M3 to 8300 RPM
Great that you are driving one. I can't find a single review by someone who has driven one. What are you impressions??? thanks in advance