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Laser Interceptor customer service

Ok guys so this is long over due but I finally got a chance to sit down and share my experience.

I am running a LI quad system that I purchased from cliff and running on a bmw M3. During the install I had little to no idea what I was doing so I gave Cliff@laserInterceptor a call multiple times and without hesitation would help me with whatever issue I was running into, even during dinner! I was amazed to say the least. A few weeks after the install I took my car to get detailed at a local detailing company. When I picked up the car I noticed that my front laser heads had a milky tint on them. After explaining to the owner why this was an issue and his refusal to accept that his guys were responsible for the damage I called Cliff. He immediately tried to help me remedy the situation by suggesting different products to try and clean it off but everything was a bust. After further inspecting the heads the owner, small business man and nice guy, agreed to try and make this right. I called Cliff to see what a new set of LI heads would cost, he was not remotely liable for any of the damage incurred mind you, but without hesitation offered them to me a cost. I thanked him and the owner of the detailing company agreed to make this right, with much hesitation. Shortly after Cliff calls me and tells me that he will comp the LI heads! Blown away. I had new Laser heads within a few days.

Moral of the story, Cliff has incredible business ethics and a over all very nice guy who will go above and way beyond for his customers. All my laser counter measures will be purchased from him in the future oh, and they work, I checked..... a couple of times

And make sure you are careful about what you spray or wipe on your LI heads! The plastic on the front is a very special plastic that allows for protection from water and elements but allows the laser to do its job.