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Originally Posted by gazosnic View Post
Had anyone swapped the oem shift lever for a shorter BMW one. This was a popular mod on the e46 m3. For $60 you would get the 330d shift lever which had shorter throws and worked great in the e46m3.

Anyone try this out on the e92 m3? I like the idea of sticking w oem.
I don't think that's something that has been done here and I have been looking myself because I did something similar on my zhp with a z4 3.0 shift lever.

You could however look into the 135i one below as its orientation looks closer to the m3 one:

You need dimensions to confirm that it is indeed shorter otherwise it is trial and error and can be costly as the parts are no return parts.

You could also explore with these below but the shifting arm and rods' length and orientation don't look anywhere closer to the way they are setup on the m3:

Otherwise, retrofitting the F10 shift knob may provide some relief as the knob is lower giving some feel of shorter throws. I haven't done it so can't comment much there..