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E90 335i vs. E60 550i

First of all, I'm not an avid street traffic dodging racer. I was having some fun slapping around a 545i when we rolled up to a 550i, gorgeous car, black on dark tint. It was all three of us at the light filling up all three lanes, the 545i, 335i, and 550i. I was surprised by the 550i actually running me off the line because I was not expecting him to floor it. He stomped on it so I stood on it and gained back a half car length of the full length he took on me when he caught me by surprise. We ran even (I was at 90 percent throttle) through second gear and I began walking once I hit third (it seems like the 335i has a real solid 3rd gear, lots of raw torque at the bottom end) when he shut it down around 80 mph, maybe a little higher. We did a few rolls (unofficial, no beeping) where he never passed me. Finally, we got up to another light when a 30 year old business man rolled his window down and we complemented each other's car, him saying how surprised and impressed he was with the 335i.

I am completely bone stock and I did not launch off the line nor did I go right when he did. I am surprised by how quick this car is off the line and wanted to say how beautiful a car this was certainly something special to me having three new BMWs lined up at a light together. Anybody run a 550i with your 335i stock? He was stock, too. I didn't really get a chance to run him to where the 335i shines best in the mid-range. I've noticed I've walked a lot of cars that are a close 1st and 2nd gear race when I've hit third. I am stepstronic and was using DS and paddles. Those Germans build a fine car!!! It's funny about a 335i owner drooling over the 550i while the 550i owner was drooling over the 335i.