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Originally Posted by ///WeissBlitz76 View Post
Serious question here for the GTR guys--particularly former (or maybe even still current) M3 owners, who can compare. I don't care about drag racing. I get it, the GTR is faster than thought itself. But can you guys lay down for me what the GTR feels like, in comparison? What about those twisty canyon roads? What about interior (and even exterior, as has already been discussed somewhat) aesthetics? What about driving feel? Can you help me understand these differences, and anything else that may be related? I'm very happy with my M3 at the moment, but I can't say that--if the opportunity presented itself--I wouldn't roll with Godzilla at some point. Thanks.
Its a bigger car, no doubt about it. Reminds me of my old 3000GT VR-4 size wise. You can feel its a heavier car going thru the turns, but that doesn't take away from the feel or grip. AWD has a totally different feeling than RWD thru the twistys, the weight shifts away from the direction your turning in a way that's a bit unnerving until you realize its not gonna break loose, ever. Its an excellent handling car as the magazine tests have proven. One negative is the paddles aren't attached to the steering wheel, so you gotta take a hand off the wheel to shift mid turn.

Most people believe the interior is understated, which I suppose it is. But compared to a Corvette or any other American car its far superior. The recarro seats are much better (at least compared to the leather seats in the M3) for spirited driving, though not as comfortable on long drives. The Bose system sounds good, but isn't up to par with the Logic 7 in the M3.

The exterior seems to be love or hate on this forum, though I haven't heard any negative comments at the gas station yet. The GT-R gets a lot more looks and questions than the M3 did, though its still a dick magnet.

The throttle response is not instant like the M3, but when it spools up there really is no comparison to the rush. Cant imagine what the SBD700 feels like

In short, there pretty much polar opposites. I wouldn't suggest driving one until your ready to buy, or at least thinking of it. I made the mistake (not really) of riding in one at the track one day, and couldn't stop thinking of it till I owned one!