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After six months my car is back at MRF Engineering. As I have said before, I like to do my own work. However, in this instance the work required tools, equipment and expertise that I just do not have.

I wish the weather could have been better.

I brought the beast back to MRF for something very special. About six months ago Malek and I had a discussion about the BMW OEM subframe and differential bushings. Basically, we all know the lack of rigidity in the differential bushings causes a lot of force to be placed on the differential bolt. Often these forces result in the differential bolt failing. Manual E9X M3s are especially prone to diff bolt failure.

Turner Motorsport makes solid aluminum differential bushings (at least they used to) and a solid delrin differential bolt bushing. The aluminum/delrin bushings will stabilize the differential and differential bolt against forces that could cause a failure in the mounting hardware. With the work required it made sense to also swap out the OE rubber subframe bushings for Turner Motorsport aluminum subframe bushings. Keep in mind that all new M cars and the E92 M3 GTS had solid subframe mounts. The solid subframe bushings will last forever, stabilize the suspension and protect the unibody.

As you can guess, its a lengthy and an in depth process.

GTS exhaust removed.

Exhaust, X-pip, brakes and subframe removed.

Here are all the rubber bushings removed. Notice the diff bolt bushing is actually made of foam. No wonder a lot of diff bolts fail. Removing these bushings the correct way is a very tricky process and requires some specialized tools. Malek has some very clever tools to make the removal of these bushings fast and safe.

Solid subframe bushings installed.

Differential bushings installed

All ready to go back into the car!

And finally going back in!

So how do I feel about the solid bushings! They have to be my favorite mod after the suspension and supercharger for overall feel of the car. The solid bushings help transfer power to the ground without hesitation. Essentially there is no slop or "squat" in the rear end when power is applied. The car just moves! I love the solid bushings! I highly recommend them to anyone but especially
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