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TWS Motorsport & EDGE Pro TWS are Different! - Blackstone Report

After all of the speculation, I decided to send my own samples of Castrol TWS Motorsport and Castrol EDGE Professional TWS in to Blackstone Laboratories to get a definitive answer on the differences between them.

After about $100, here's what I found:

On the surface, both bottles look identical with just a different label.


However on the sides of the bottle, there is a noticeable difference in the width of the oil level 'window', as well as you can see a difference in the actual shape of the neck.

Oil in the Blackstone bottles, you can see they have a different color.

Here you can really see a different color of the two oils.

And here is the Blackstone Reports:

TWS Motorsport:

EDGE Profesional TWS:


The EDGE Professional TWS has:

-215ppm of Moly (vs. 1ppm for TWS Motorsport)
-Half of the Boron (72 vs 156) of TWS M.
-Has Titanium while Motorsport does not
-Twice the Calcium
-Almost no Magnesium (vs. 636ppm)
-About the same Phosphorus and Zinc.
-*Is a little lighter with 100.2 SUS V. at 210*F (vs. 108.2)
-*Is a little lighter with 20.4 cSt V 100*C (vs. 22.26)
-*has a higher flash point of 485*F (vs. 450*F)
-*A higher TBN of 12.3 (vs. 9.1)

I guess on paper for what I know, the new Castrol EDGE Pro TWS 10W60 seems to be the better choice over the older TWS Motorsport 10W60.

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