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Originally Posted by BoostedBimmer View Post
Been reading-up on this DCT tranny, not really familar with it.

Question is...................
My Fiance doesn't drive stick, so exactly how does this DCT work in the auto mode. Is just simply hitting a button to put in auto and presto it shifts like a normal auto. Or is there more to it?

Kinda nervous to teach her to drive stick on NEW M3! Which is why I'm looking into DCT.

1) Take your Fiance to your nearest VW dealer and ask for a test drive in a DSG GTI.

2) Try to drive that GTI in D, in S and in Manual mode with both the paddles and shifter in different roads (highway, city, curves and straights) to compare performance, feeling and functionality in all modes under different conditions.

3) Multiply that experience by a factor of 2 (I-4 vs V8, 200hp vs 417hp), add 88 lbs/ft (207 vs 295) + 1900rpm (6500 vs 8400 rpm redline) + 1 (6-Speed vs. 7-Speed) and you will have a pretty idea of what you can expect with the M3 M-DCT...

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