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Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
for the most part the UGR guys wont run from a dig. Ever. But i understand why. Broken gallardo trans = 40k.

Im registered for the tx2k roll event, will be running the tx2k drag event and registered for the texas invitational also. If any of the m3s in here think they are fast you are more than welcome to try it

I think I posted with you last year...but still on these hearing the same stuff about M3s and what they'll do to a GTR.

I honestly don't think that many of the posters here realize what beasts are out there let alone modified.

I understand being enthused. I get it. Totally, but lets not be delusional either. That's why I keep pushing 2k shamelessly

Honestly dude, I think they just don't know any better.

I just advise everyone on here to attend ONE 2k meet.
They just may come back a very changed (albeit humbled) person.