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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
GT-R got the jump and the M3 driver miss shifted. Also, M3 wasn't updated with 240E and performance filter. Outcome could have been very different..
Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

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AND all of them are automatic AKA auto tragic.. Meaning I dont give a shit how fast it goes... I put a beat down on all of them on Forza 4 and I literally can call them slow ass pigs in the game.

On top of that it looks horrendous = not my cup of tea. Already been through the Nissan chain of vehicles and would never go back.

To each their own.
Yeah…I beat Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant on NBA 2k . Now..will that happen in real life?
I don’t think so.
In addition…try the same on Gran Turismo. A MUCH more accurate simulation.

Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
this is why ESS makes a supercharger. problem solved.
And Switzer has turbo packages? Goes both ways buddy.

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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
It's just the opposite when I race the GTR's...
Then Attend
Be warned, your results may vary.

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Yes I have and again the mean nothing to me, my personal opinion that to put your money where your mouth is the race should be from a dig. If you cannot hook your power then it is all a waste.

Lol. I could bring a 600hp Supra with stock internals and have it whoop our STOCK M3's... Would that make any sense to anyone? Not at all. A race should either be stock for stock or modded for modded. Pointless in sitting around here saying you whooped a 458 when you are at 700hp and that thing is stock. Also, it will still get more looks, more attention and more women that you don't know to jump into the passenger seat.
I agree. Stock for stock. When you get into the modified domain..its a pandoras box. Which can leave one embarrassed running home with a tail between their legs.

Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
thats fun. put your cute little supercharger on and fat tires and run into a modded GTR and you still get shit on

Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
actually the main event is a 1/4 mile dragstrip event at Lonestar Motorsports Park

everyone just watches the roll racing because the lambo boys are affraid to run their cars from a dig
Heard about that…the UGR guys right?

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Lol. Can't argue with a fool. Good day Sir!
Because you disagree?
Come on man….


Originally Posted by Skooterbrah View Post
Not in Colorado is hasn't. =D I've ran multiple GTR's from a roll up here, everything from stock to an Alpha on E85. That alpha is my only loss gtr wise....
Then Attend
This will let you know EXACTLY and CLEARLY where you stand.
You might lose to GTRs A LOT more than you have ever imagined you could. Not just GTRs either…Lambos, Supras…leave your ego on these forums when you attend.
Butt-hurtess and depression mixed with ego deflation may ensue afterwards.

Originally Posted by fusionchicken View Post
isn't the gtr tranny issue like in 2009?
Yeah hes bringing up really old stuff.

Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
This was a beautiful 20-something year old woman, right?
LOL see what u did there…GTRs are normally sausage magnets..