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Originally Posted by krnet2dboi View Post
People that say run, bike, swim, yadda yadda = all crap.

Burn more calories than you consume = loss of weight.

And HIIT > Regular Cardio ANYDAY. But with right diet and regular weight training, you don't necessarily need any cardio unless you are looking out for your cardiovascular health.

Simply put, that's all it takes to lose weight. Keeping a healthy nutriment intake is essential trough out a weight loss routine as well.

I went hardcore a few years ago and lost 24 lb. in 4 weeks. Wasn't depriving myself from food, just eating very healthy on a tight, practically carb free schedule and working out on a daily basis.

After that first "cleansing" phase I went on to lose a total of 55 lb. over 12 weeks.