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Originally Posted by Chriskm3
Product not worth the money. I upgraded to racing brskes bbk and then to brembos and I will tell you the difference between stoping power and pedal feel is huge. The racing brake setup seemed good AT the time, much Better than oem but compared to a real 6 pot caliper bbk racing brake is far inferior. The stopping power of brembos compared to RB is unmistakably noticable. At high speeds racing brake setup would cause a vibration and the pedal did not provide much braking confidence as it did at low speed braking but when switched with brembos confidence is regained at speeds of 50 mph to 200mph Yes i have tried it. I have test drove a car with stoptech bbk front and rear and I have to say if anyone is looking for a budget kit stoptech is the way to go. I have seem stoptech kits listed as low as 4700 shipped. Reach out to vivid racing as they have greats deals at times. This is where it gets tricky. How can racing brake product an inferior product ( yes by my standards) and charge more money then the leading competitor. With stoptech Brembos ap racing 6 pot front and 4 pot rear caliper design is standard where RB is convinced that a 4 pot caliper is more then enough to provide the proper braking power both on and off track- guess what racing brake it's not. Another annoying factor was the brake squeal at low speeds with street pads. I was assured by RB that all street performance pads do this. My Brembos don't. Anyways. I just wanted to drop a quick review of my DRIVING experience between racing brake,Brembos and stoptechs. In regards to RB customer service and money back guarantee stated on their website IS non existent.

In my previous car I learned the hard way as well.

Had complete brake failure with the RB setup twice.

Once on the track where I attributed it to overheated pads causing complete brake failure going into a turn... Luckily there was a long run out.

Another on the track where brake fluid was boiling out of the bleeder screws.

And again on the street where fluid quickly leaked out of the crossover tubes... Crossover tubes that are never touched just decided to come loose leading to complete brake failure on the freeway.

If you think that was an isolated incident I know other people who had the same thing happen with the crossover tubes... Luckily they bought theirs via amazon and returned using amazons return policy where as I was sol.

Anyhow I fixed the problem at the time by getting a Stoptech trophy kit... And even with just the street pads that setup was much better at the track, stood up to more abuse... And never resulted in leaking fluid, loose crossover tubes, and brake failure on the track.