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Originally Posted by tikamak View Post
For BMWs with huge front brake bias, it is more efficient to use a 2pot when combined with a 4 pot as it will give you better modulation and feel (that's why other manufacturers uses 6pot 4pot). if you want a 4 pot in the rear, that just shows that you care only about looks and you should just get a normal stoptech kit.

RobMcoupe got what he wanted because racingbrake had a 4pot rear designed for the Z4M and they were ameliorating the design to a 2pot. for your platform, no rear kit is designed, so you don't get that option.

You are driving away customers of Racingbrake because of your inability to be patient and let racingbrake give you the best solution possible for your car.

1 more remark:
Comparing a front only RB kit with 4 corner brembo kit with bad experience with RB is a biased opinion. I can have you talk to some people that are able to compare between performance friction kits and Racingbrakes kits and know for a fact that bremo, stoptech regular kits are below RB kits in terms some important aspects (like reliability, performance, endurance, driveability, etc ...)
Ok. Got it. Thank you. I'm that case. I will order two more sets tmrw
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