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99 Honda CR-V (Still have)
01 Honda Civic
04 Honda Accord (Still have)
07 Mini Cooper (Traded for BMW)
14 328d

Out of the group (can't judge the 328d yet) the CR-V has been the most reliable car on the planet. 150k miles. Still doesn't burn a drop of oil. Has had two front brake jobs, rear drums are still originals. One timing belt change. Oil, plugs and tires. That's it, I've never even needed to replace a light bulb. When I got the cooper the CR-V was relegated to occasional use. Bad weather, hauling etc.) I don't have the heart to get rid of it.

My wife's currently driving the accord. I offered to get her something else, but she said no, she likes it. It's only got 70k miles and had one light bulb replaced! Eventually the CR-V will go and the Accord will get relegated to third car duty. It's nice having an extra car for those days you need to have one in the shop.

Going back further there has been Nissan Sentra, Ford contour, Ford Escort, Olds Calais, Olds Starfire, Honda 600 (two Cylinder car), 66 Ford Mustang GT (I'd give my left arm to have that back).

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