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Originally Posted by M0J0 View Post
I don't really want a real loud noise. I hate a lot of drone. I guess I will just have to wait a month or so till they have Megan in stock again.

I will go ahead and install the test pipes and tune next week.
Hey, just to add to this collection of impressions, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stand the exhaust for the first 2 weeks because of its loudness to be completely honest. A month passed by and now I adore the sound that it produces. I think it's a perfect loudness-wise (wish it was louder in the higher rev). The drone is more specifically from 1800-2200 RPM. It's a very narrow range of rev that drones. I can understand DCT-cars with their cruising RPM around 2k may have issue, but 6-speed, you learn to cruise above that RPM and it's a total joy.

I can't praise enough of these pipes. Also, anyone having fitment issue, should try loosing the pipe where it connects to x-pipe and just rotate. I didn't have to use blow-torch to modify anything.

Either way (Megan or CNT) should do the trick as I'm all for inexpensive exhaust pipes, but Megans seem to have more fitment issue that requires bending the pipes - which I dread.

Good luck.