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auto show

Went to the DC auto, saw the lexus display models. You can say whatever you want about horsepower, the lexus IS350 looks like a Corolla. There really is NOTHING defining about it, the word "bland" comes to mind. Blah. The G35 4 door is plain ugly, not really up for debate...i mean come on..look at it. It looks like a blowfish. The Audi 2006 A4...even though performance-wise it may not add up, it is a nice looking car (almost as nice as the E90!). There you have it...unbiased as i can be. And for all you IS-ers who brag about the interior over the 330i, sat in it....eeehhh...ok maybe. But who wants to look at the interior...i mean...come on..we're too busy looking at the road!