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Scratch & dent Race Ramps - RLL-87-2, RLL-87-2-HD, RLL-80-2, RR-56-2

I have five sets of LTP (less than perfect) Race Ramps in inventory.

1) Two sets of RR-56-2 ramps. Minor shipping damage. Each set has a dented platform section. $190 per set. One set sold 15-Dec-2013.

2) RLL-80-2. Shipping damage on incline section. One incline section has a dent in the tip of the ramp. $350 SOLD.

3) RLL-87-2. Used as demo ramps at car show. Never driven upon. $380 Sold!

4) RLL-87-2-HD with Trailer Ramp Adapter with 2" deep step. Flaws in surface of one platform and trailer ramp adapters. $490 SOLD.

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