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"The Kingdom"

I know it's a work of fiction mostly, but did anyone else see this movie? If you don't want it spoiled, don't read any more.

My brother-in-law recommended it, but immediately followed with the comment "Makes me want to blow THEM up even more" Having experience with his hot temper and lack of understanding at times, I chose to go in with an open mind. There are times when he loses sight of competition NOT being all that important.

Throughout the movie I got the feeling that it was not about a problem between "us" and "them" but truly a lack of understanding of WE. Pride, total assumption that "I am right" and they should die for being different.

When Fluery and Col Al-Ghasi got off their high and mighty, they quickly discovered they were friends and wanted the same things. It was amazingly normal for these men, who so valued family, were willing to put their lives on the line for it, to become friends so fast.

Sure, there are differences in the customs of each country, but the FBI would no sooner let Suadis have free reign to a bomb site in Cincinatti than was given in Riyhad.

That final scene, flashing from "side" to "side" where Fluery reveals he told her "We'll kill them all" to make her stop crying, and the grandfather told his grandson "Don't worry son, we'll kill them all" is the abiding, overall triumphant acknowledgement that WE are really all the same, and we'll go on killing each other untilwe learn better tahn to hate what is different.