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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
I just don't like people coming on here being sanctimonious pricks instead of providing actual content. And yeah, grammar and syntax is real important these days. I'm sure you're the type of guy that would shit on Einstein because he ended the sentence with a preposition and why add mass? It's a constant
Talk about condescending and lack of content, what exactly have you done here besides get all emo on me? I added mass because it is correct to include that when talking about force. Maybe you should pay more attention so you don't get tripped up when someone is being consistent with their terminology.

And again I ask, why are you being obtuse for no good reason? I advise you to get over it as nothing I've posted here was out of line until you came in crying because you're apparently ok with incomplete explanations and misinformation.

Originally Posted by oldmanstyle View Post
There is more at play than this. There are also different spring rates, suspension geometry, available grip at each tire etc. And then there is an acceleration vector since one should be on the throttle throughout the turn in most cases if doing it right. It's nowhere near as simple as a rigid object experiencing uniform centrifugal force distribution.

That seems less out of line and condescending than your posts ITT, which are basically just whining at me for correctly elaborating on a misleading statement. So take a good look in the mirror before you continue this senseless derail that YOU started.