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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
Eh, I decided not to do that, either. There is no recourse for returning that lip if it is messed up. Even if they give you a refund, you still eat ~$250 in shipping charges. I decided to go with Mode Carbon. According to Sam, they've extended their Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing until this Friday, so it works out to only a couple of hundred bucks more than the Chinese stuff. I have been hard-pressed to find a negative review for their products, and everyone lauds the smoothness of the clear coat and uniformity of the weave.

I might give Revinora a chance in the future because at the end of the day they did everything they could to make me happy, and although I wasn't satisfied with the pieces, I like their designs and may give them a shot in the future. The whole issue would have probably resolved far faster if I just called directly every time, but who uses phones to talk on these days?

I don't know why Revinora is so terrible with their emails and so awesome over the phone, but they need to buy Oshin a smartphone with a gmail app, for real.

you're crazy for putting up with that BS one time!!! let alone multiple. Who cares how good they are over the phone, if you give them money you want a product plain and simple.

Should've went w/ a chinese rep (where do you think most vendors are getting them ) I'm still waiting for a vendor to show me their carbon layup process done "in-house"

IMO I would rather save a few bucks on a lip that's disposable