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Originally Posted by rev9k View Post
Damn you're a better man than me; do yourself a favor and walk away.. buy the chinese rep
Eh, I decided not to do that, either. There is no recourse for returning that lip if it is messed up. Even if they give you a refund, you still eat ~$250 in shipping charges. I decided to go with Mode Carbon. According to Sam, they've extended their Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing until this Friday, so it works out to only a couple of hundred bucks more than the Chinese stuff. I have been hard-pressed to find a negative review for their products, and everyone lauds the smoothness of the clear coat and uniformity of the weave.

I might give Revinora a chance in the future because at the end of the day they did everything they could to make me happy, and although I wasn't satisfied with the pieces, I like their designs and may give them a shot in the future. The whole issue would have probably resolved far faster if I just called directly every time, but who uses phones to talk on these days?

I don't know why Revinora is so terrible with their emails and so awesome over the phone, but they need to buy Oshin a smartphone with a gmail app, for real.