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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
When I bought my Revinora street crt lip it took about 2 months to arrive and the fitment was not good. After being mounted professionally it had ripples on the mount area of the lip. I wouldnt buy again.
I am beginning to question their understanding of an acceptable level of quality control. After the numerous pits and bubbles of my first lip, Oshin assured me he would personally examine the replacement lip. Well, this one is even worse... of course, these flaws are only noticeable on close examination, and at this point I'm so fed up with this whole ordeal I'd be tempted to just take it as is.

However, the main reason I asked for a replacement lip in the first place is because instead of sending me a twill pattern carbon fiber, they had send me 1x1. Well, the replacement has a twill pattern, but it's vertical.

I've never seen anything quite like it, and it actually doesn't look half bad, but the whole point of a twill pattern is to go /// not |||. I'm somewhat unsure how to react, I really like how the street chin looks, but after all this and multiple threads talking about fitment...

edited: contacted Oshin, as always he is super helpful and cool on the phone, offered to make me another one, but I opted for a full refund. I'll be away from the car for over a month, and my flight leaves Thursday, so I don't have time for this. When I come back, I'll consider ordering from Revinora again. That, or I'll buy one of those Chinese knock-offs of the GTS lip.

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