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Originally Posted by drjekl View Post
Hmm the non folding mirror issue seems weird...

All I can think of is the motor is playing up, or the previous owner smashed the mirror and replaced it with a non folding type?

Have you attempted to disassemble it to have a look?
Yeah, I asked him about it, he didn't even know the mirrors folded in - never used them. so its probably just a seized motor or something.

Thanks mate, Ill put it apart at some point soon & take a good look!

Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
Soon after Mercedes released the C63 in Australia, to remain competitive price wise, BMW made most features that were standard in the early releases optional. By doing this, BMW was able to drop the price. Things like M drive etc became optional, and that included TV function too. I have a 2007 car, one of the first lot to arrive here, and the only option I could add were, the extended leather, 19" wheels, individual sound system, climate windscreen, and rear blinds. Everything else was standard.
This is gold, just what I needed, thanks for this mate, really appreciate it. Makes sense, looks like its an option he didn't put into the car.

Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
What I would suggest is that you do a CIC retrofit through Bimmer-Tech or BPM Sport and all your concerns and wants and needs will be resolved. It will set you back around $3500 and you will get a lot of features.

Good luck with the car.
Thanks mate I dont know if I want to fork out that much for a total system upgrade, but there must be a software update they could do, its basically a computer - any idea if you can update a systems software? Anything I could do personally?
is showing people actually getting just a software update, anyone here had it done?