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Thanks for the Reply Matt, appreciate it! some follow up questions if I will!

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Your M3 isn't an LCI (facelift) model since it was made prior to Sept 2008. I'm guessing your parents have a later 2008 model which has the newer iDrive controller with additional buttons besides the Menu button and a smaller joystick controller versus the large silver one on yours? The later CIC Navigation system is also much more advanced and stores maps on a hard disk drive rather than use a DVD and uses a higher resolution screen.
Thanks Matt, The systems are exactly the same in this regard, with the same single silver controller, so this isn't it

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TV is not a standard standard option. Also if it did have TV, being a UK import is would be setup for British TV standards which I believe differ from the Australian ones. Matt
This is interesting - i'm sure this is most probably the reason why, but the 'TV option' doesn't even come up. which is what I am interested in, it probably wasn't optioned in, by the sounds of things - which is fine, not much TV watching going to be happening! I think the original owner made the right choice then with the CarbonRoof. If it 'does' have the option, im sure its programmable to Australia with lots of time & $$$

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Folding mirrors are also an option but you say you have the button but only one folds in. I'd say there is a fault here unless it's possible to code the car to only fold one mirror.Matt
Does anyone know if there is an option to make just one fold in in the iDrive? Or anyone heard of having just a single folding mirror option? I dont want to break the mirror off trying to make it fold! but pressing the button makes only one of the mirrors fold in.

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There's a few good reasons why the UK personal imports tend to be cheaper. A lack of verifiable history is the big one.Matt
This is true for virtually any 2nd hand car you buy & I can get the Spec information from the UK if needed - the world is a much smaller place now

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Also you cannot bluetooth stream music. You will need to use the USB or AUX connector inside the centre console armrest.Matt
Yes you can. there are various ways around this & I am interested in ways other people have done it in AUS - (Bluetooth receiver etc)