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Originally Posted by aznboi319 View Post
I got a 2011 GTR with 19K miles on it with the following mods on it:

Top Speed Tuning by Doug Wilks 570 HP and 548 TQ at the wheels
1050cc injectors
Tuned for 93 octane
Catless down pipes
Catless mid pipes
3" intakes from "Got Boost"
Lowered 3/4 inch with KW sleeve kit
Stillen Sway Bars
Greddy transmission cooler.

I planned on modding the GTR anyways so the 2012/2013 didn't really matter much for me as all the years would give you the same power levels. I didn't want 09 due to the 1st gen LC1 which caused transmission problems if owners abused it. I will most likely be getting the transmission rebuilt for higher power levels and possibly bigger turbos when the time comes.

Anyhow, just got the M3 put back together fully stock (minus cats) and it is just so tame. The car feels so smooth and refined. I wish I could keep it as a DD.
like i said unless you are modding. but ya i think a GTR is probably the best car to mod right now. looks like a good setup.