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A couple of questions from a newbie...iDrive Tv & Side Mirrors

Morning Fellas,

Yes I have used the search extensively, and yes I have found an answer to one of my questions that I was going to put in here, but 2 of them, I haven't.

A bit of background - I have a 2007 m3 UK import now on the roads in AUS

The first is regarding the iDrive, I have found that my iDrive is slightly different from my parents (My Parents drive a Build year 2008 M3 - AUS)
& I am not sure if I am either:
Doing something wrong - (most likely)
Or missing something

I don't seem to have a TV function on my M - do all post 2007 M's have the ability to watch TV? is this a system upgrade I will need because its a UK import?, or an 'extra' that is added on? I would greatly appreciate some feedback in this as I am wracking my brains on this. Oh and I'm aware you can only watch TV while the car is stationary

Also the music question everyone has in the beginning - (This is for all pre 2010 owners) question what do you guys use? I know most people would stream music from their phones to the car - do you use Bluetooth systems hooked up to the USB? Interested in some ideas here - I have looked extensively & just interested in what the Aussie guys do here?

Finally a question regarding the side mirrors - My Left side Mirror doesn't seem to move when I press the button to tuck them in - there is no motor noise or anything - which makes me think that its just simply stopped working & is a motor issue, has anyone had this problem before? Fixes? I would ideally like to do this myself & not take it to a dealership

Thanks heaps in advance