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Originally Posted by Nkc View Post
But hey, people would rather watch a losing team with Kobe than a winning team without the ball hog.
According to who? I completely disagree. While Kobe is fun to watch, there is nothing more fun than winning. People watch the NBA for entertainment, and Kobe entertains. Add on winning, and it's even better. Simple.

While I agree some adjustment will be necessary to implement Kobe in D'Antoni's system, and the team's overall dynamic will change, I don't think there will me much of a difference from what we're seeing right now. Right now, we just don't have a "go to" guy late in games, and when our offense comes to a standstill. Nick Young might have taken that role as of late, but he can only play so many minutes. Plus, he's a streaky shooter, as we saw this past week. Shot the ball very well against Washington and Brooklyn, but struggled against Detroit. For the most part, you know what you're getting with Kobe, as far as points and shot attempts go.

Also, Kobe adds an entirely new element to the current Lakers squad that we aren't seeing right now. Opponents will prepare their game plan centering around Kobe, when he returns. They know better than not to, as we've seen the past 17 years. This will allow others to open up their game: shooters like Meeks and Wes to get open looks, and Pau to assert himself in the post. We will definitely see double teams with Kobe on the ball, which will allow others to get open off the ball.

If D'Antoni can manage his player's minutes and positions well, we may vastly improve from what our record and stats indicate as of right now. By that, I mean if Nick Young takes a 6th man role, if Wes Johnson can use his length to pick up the slack on rebounding and take care of all the dirty work along with Hill, and if D'Antoni takes a defense-minded approach to coaching. If not, this season might go down the drain real quick with Young and Kobe fighting for shot attempts, and Pau standing behing the 3-pt arc.