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Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
I went to the Porsche dealer yesterday and I drove an X3 xDrive35i M-sport today as well as an SQ5. With my M3 lease ending in January, I'm trying to figure this all out. The Macan is just not going to work for me at this time though.
Some official Macan S info I was given that I'm not sure is easily available:

HP max 5500-6500 RPM but I don't know the redline
TQ max 1450-5000 RPM
Wheels 19x8 235/55 front and 19x9 255/50 rear
Curb weight 4112 lbs
0-60mph is 5.2s or 5.0s with sport chrono launch control
Split folding rear seats 40/20/40
Luggage volume 17.7 cu ft seats up or 53.0 cu ft seats folded
Packages are new and now up on config site

So about those test drives. The X3 was boring as hell and that really surprised me. The steering felt good, ride was nice, throttle was fairly responsive but it just felt fat and tired for power.

Now the SQ5... that was a different story. This thing is excellent fun for what it is. Throttle is nice, torque is fantastic and instant, overall acceleration felt very speedy, and the ride even on 21" wheels was stiff but comfortable. Handling was nice but there was some understeer as I expected but that's why you don't rail an SUV through a corner. I was surprised that the steering was acceptable as well. It was fairly light but accurate and the steering wheel is small(ish) and racy. The engine/exhaust noise is great. Seats were great but no adjustable bolsters and they were a little wide but did the trick.

I worked out some numbers and while I may go for a Macan in the future, not for several years. I think there is a high likelihood I will pick up an SQ5 and it should cost me just under $60k. I was seriously surprised how good it was.
This is a great write-up.

With two small kids, my F30 isn't cutting it anymoreÖ

I really like the idea of a raised ride height, all-wheel drive, and SUV practicality.

I LOVE BMW's, but I just can't fall in love w/ the 3GT (I even went to sit in one and its back seat and trunk space are enormous compared to the sedan) no matter how hard I try, and I'm really making a compromise by driving an F30 considering my life and lifestyle. Itís just too tight.

A small, high performance SUV makes PERFECT sense for someone in my position in life.

Here's the problem: there's no "M" X3 (which I would have purchased years ago, had it existed), and there will be absolutely, positively no discounts on the Macan for at least a year or two. For me, that means full sticker on a $65k Macan SÖ

I really like the SQ5, but it weighs at least 300lbs more than the Macan, isn't as attractive, and I know the Q5 is approaching the end of its life cycle as well. However, itís got great power (and is tunable through Stasis, APR etc.), itís built like a tank, and it will cost me at least $5k less than a Macan (and thatís before any Audi discounts!).

Decisions, decisionsÖ