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Originally Posted by KennyPowers
Please compare them as best you can. Especially if you have driven a stock powered gtr as opposed to yor fbo gtr.

Power delivery? Handling? Ride quality?

I'm debating sc'ing my car or considering a gtr or the like...

And of course, congrats! Black is the best color for the gtr IMO
Let me try to give you a good comparison between my supercharged M3 vs the GTR in a few categories.

Power/Power Delivery:
M3 - The M3 is so much smoother as far as power delivery. All of the power really can only be felt on top of the power band. During my half mile pulls, the 'feel' of the car was so smooth it never really felt like i was going fast even though i trapped 143mph. I believe it was due to the lack of torque as my torque in the M3 was ~380 compared to the ~580lb of torque from the GTR. Over time my body got used to the torque and pull of the M3 that it just felt normal. There is really no jerking around in the M3 you just keep going faster as you go up the power band. The power is very predictable on the M3 as I would know precisely know where power is during shifts there is really no lag. The car felt just like a stock M3 when i just drive normal (stay below 5k rpm). Passengers would really think my car was 'normal' unless i wanted to romp on it to the redline. I also learned how to shift it so smoothly you really couldn't feel any jerkiness.

GTR - At the first part of my drive back to Atlanta from Nashville it was raining and dark and i really didn't know much about the car (it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to sync iPhone for music, btw only on 11+ GTR's). I only drove it in the auto mode and figured if i punched it that it would adjust my gearing accordingly for maximum power delivery. It actually only pulls economically under auto mode so i was quite underwhelmed. Also, when you punch it, it takes a second for it to shift and them spool up and then launch. This was much slower than what I was used to on the 6MT as I knew exactly where i was at all times. There was one incident where i wanted to pass a car, but when i hit the gas it felt like the computer had to process what gear to be in and eventually changed gears and then finally lurched me forward unexpectedly. That whole second during the change I felt took forever and that I would miss my oppurtunity to change lanes. Ok, so now for the good part - Manual mode (paddle shifters). Towards the end of my trip i figured i would try the manual mode as I was starting to doubt my decision to getting a GTR. Words of Advice - If you plan on doing any spirited driving /passing/aggressive/racing you must use Manual paddle shifters. It allows you to get in the best gear for power delivery instead of letting the computer decide which takes forever. It basically felt like my M3 without the clutch in manual mode. I have still been lifting my gas foot while shifting as I was used to it with the M3, but there is no need to in this. When you let it go up the power band it just hauls serious ass. Power/brute force is basically instant if you are in the right gear. In my M3, if at a red light and i wanted to pass into the next lane with a car next to me, i really had to concentrate my shifting and ensure I was properly shifting to launch ahead of the car next to me. I needed to get that precise reaction time in the M3 to maintain a headstart. The GTR basically no worries off the line, on the blink of an eye I will have already changed lanes. No worries about torquey trucks/cars that launch quickly in this beast. Passengers will get thrown back in their seats and may wet themselves. Do not put your 80 year old grandma in this car of it will either snap her neck or give her a heart attack. I took a coworker to lunch in it using manual mode today and he was just in awe. He said it felt like the butterfly feeling you get from the drop in roller coasters. He was sick afterwards and told me he did not want to ride in my car to lunch again.

My best description of the GTR is it sounds(very noisy mechanical transmission sounds) and feels like riding a roller coaster. You will feel all the imperfections on the road but you are also planted on the track. The M3 would be closer to driving a Lexus sedan if there was a comfort/harsh scale.


M3 is considered very quiet (depending on exhaust), but even with exhaust the note is very smooth even if it was loud. The sound is harmonious and each note is precisely the beat of the engine fires. Each note is always in sync and never clashing. In the cabin, while driving there really is not much road noise in the M3. I could not really hear any transmission or loud engine/exhaust sounds. My M3 is fully catless with dual resonators with oem axelback and it is such a tame sound. The car is much better insulated from road and engine noises than the GTR.

The GTR is currently also catless with the OEM axelback and it sounds ferocious. When driving I feel like I have 2 jet engines right behind my ears just blowing away constantly. The exhaust note is more jumbled, but who cares it sounds like you have jet engines! However, during constant speed cruising if you let the car coast while off the throttle you can give your ears a breather. You will hear rocks sling up under the car and the transmission will sound like a slush box of mechanical clunks at slower speeds.


Keep in mind my M3 had stock suspension and the GTR has a KW sleeve kit lowever 3/4" and a sway bar. The M3 is a very good handling car while maintaining the comfort even at higher speeds. As far as how grounded you feel the GTR is at another level. Going over little humps on the road the GTR will follow each and every hump and you can feel everything too. The M3 suspension will dampen the feel and give you a buffer between the road while giving you security. The GTR you will feel every bit of the humps and bumps as if there was no buffer between you and the road. In turning in the M3 you can feel the sway of the car much more than the GTR (maybe because of the sway bar vs no sway bar).

Ride Quality:

For longer trips, I would definitely rather ride in the M3. It is more comfortable, the seats have much more adjustments than the GTR (no bolster adjustment). You hear less mechanical and road noises in the M3. You can move fast and turn quickly when you need to and it gives you a little comfort net between the road. The GTR will give you the extra handling capability but in return you remove the buffer between the road and the car. You will feel every bump in the GTR and hear every noise the transmission and exhaust makes. I would take the GTR in short spirited runs over the M3. The length of time until I was uncomfortable with the sound in the GTR was about 1.5-2 hours. I would need to get out of the car and clean the blood from my ears for a little bit. For the M3, I could probably drive it for double the time and I would just need to get out and powder my nose.


As a tech geek, I was very eager to play around with the HD MFD on the GTR (09/10 MFD has lower resolution). The GTR MFD provides so much information about your car there is no need for aftermarket gauges. There is all the temperatures you need to know, boost, real time data graphs on acelleration, braking, turning, fuel efficiency and much more. It was in easy view as all I would need to do is look over and since it is a graph I can analyze what actually happened instead of looking at the screen while hitting it. The gauges on my M3 that I installed are basically for looks more than functionality. I couldn't really see the information while driving as I would need to look down. The M3 was not built for the purpose of the driver to know the information in the car and about the car. It was built for you to drive and have fun and joy doing it without caring about how the car is. The GTR is for those of us that wants to know whats going on inside the car and likes to see every little bit of data to ensure our car is performing and functioning correctly.

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