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Originally Posted by adam335idhedhy View Post
Are these prices including labor to install?
These prices are for the kits only. We do have many resellers/installers who put together some very nice packages if you purchase your kit through them. Basically drop your car off and pick it up with the supercharger installed a few days later with 1 easy transaction.

Originally Posted by MFL View Post
Anyone considering a car or a modification as an "investment" probably shouldn't be trusted for financial advice. Either way, I have one hell of a bridge to sell them. What's hilarious is the near instant 30-40% depreciation hit that these things take the second they are installed.

From a hardware perspective, the top 3 kits seem identical and it seems like they're just pricing it up according to power output vs. what they're actually selling you. Call me crazy, but I think I could buy the 595, get a different pulley and a tune and spend the rest on another AR15 and maybe a good bottle of scotch.

I'm sure these are fine kits, I'm just not a fan of the presumed upcharge for a different pulley and tune, if that is truly the case.
Well said! It is a substantial amount of money and factual information tends to get lost in translation on the forum for various reasons. As a manufacturer, and from an Engineering standpoint, we know not every single M3 out there is maintained/driven/modded the same way and is why we advertise figures conservatively and give facts based on what we've alone have gathered from our experience and testing. Luckily there's life outside the forums, and getting behind the wheel of something you're buying for this amount of money is the best thing you can do! I don't know anybody who bought their M3 without test driving one first...

We offer anyone local who's interested to come by anytime and test drive our long-term test VF620 E90 M3. Also, even though our customers don't post often, they're happy to offer rides to people in their areas outside of SoCal as well!

Regarding upgrades/supercharging, we decided to create the VF595 power level in response to the continual amount of inquiries we receive about buying a VF540 kit and adding just the cooling system with it. It can't be done because of the change in airflow/need for tuning, hence we created the VF595.

Originally Posted by joe@trinityautosport View Post
I have this on my e92 m3 and I've had it for about 1 year now. No issues and I track it about 1-2x a month...runs STRONG
Congrats on the European Car challenge, Joe! Can't wait to see the final results!