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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
Here is the question tho. How many of you will NOT look foolish, if everytime you made silly comments over the years, someone recorded it, made a collection and put them back to back in a small video??? I can't speak for you, but if video like that was made of me, I'd look really dumb.

Seriously though, apart from 888, do you all think he is an idiot? I mean really?
When is the last time you saw the reel of Clinton stupid-isms? Or Daddy Bush? Or Reagan? Ford was the last one to be portrayed as somewhat bumbling, but that was mostly clumsey.

No other president in recent history has such a reputation for being stupid.

Any dumbass can get C's at Yale. Getting in is the hard part. He's been coasting ever since.

None of those videos shows anything that's very incriminating; show us the dead hooker video, the one where he keeps dropping the torso because he snorted too much blow. That one is HI-larious!