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Originally Posted by swamp2
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You're high.
I have no idea how much longer a given set of bearings will last by a visual inspection. Unfortunately, it seems that no one else does either. I've posed the question again and again. I think both sides are offering near 100% speculation. Unfortunately the answer to this question is a very key part of this issue.

Could it be that bearings wear in/break in and then wear rates significantly decline? I have no idea but it does not seem unreasonable given some tiny alignment issues that will vary but are all within a tolerance specification.

Also related is the question of if the majority of passenger vehicles should/do show no visible bearing wear signs up to a high mileage figure (what is that "high" figure, 100k, 150k, 250k, etc.). The question is very interesting but also very tough to answer because it requires a complete bottom end tear down of an otherwise completely normal appearing/sounding/performing engine. Who does that exactly (other than those looking to check things out for a big supercharging mod...)? That is an entirely serious question.
I was wondering the same thing too that maybe the bearings would "wear in" and create their own "proper" gap, effectively reducing wear. I wish someone could chime in with the answer.
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