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Originally Posted by jwhhjr View Post
In on this.

Currently 5'10, 214lbs dry

325lbs Bench with 2 second pause on chest (raw, no arch)
365lbs ATG Squat raw (no belt, no knee wraps, barefoot)
445lbs Deadlift raw (no belt, no knee wraps, no chalk, barefoot)

Other lifts:
195lbs strict Overhead Press (no belt, no leg drive)
245lbs clean (no belt, no chalk, no wraps, barefoot)
295lbs front squat ATG w/ clean hold raw (no belt, no wraps, barefoot)

My squats and deads are lacking compared to my pressing. Plan to just bulk throughout winter and spring.
i was about same numbers little more on the dead at 193lbs body weight. my bench also is far superior to my other 2 lifts. comes for me from years of not really working on squat and dead.

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