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Originally Posted by Kabrich View Post
While I do not disagree with your premise, most should ponder why they do not see any "old fat" people (~60 years of age). They almost always take care of the problem themselves by that age.

Even Chris Christie has reached that revelation, no matter how good of "health" his doctors claim he's in now.
Old fat people stay home because they can't get around due to severe joint problems. Spend some time in an ICU and you'll find that there are plenty of old fat people. Now 80 is a different story. Not too many make it that far.

BTW, on a semi-related note, I have discovered something very important. I have many patients in their 90's. All, and I mean ALL, have one thing in common: no more than 6 regular scheduled medications. When I'm 89, if I'm on 7 meds, I'm going to stop one of them no matter what.