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An update now that I have 2500 miles on them:

Absolutely incredible tire. Still have not been able to test actual snow performance due to warm spell after putting them on, but dry performance exceeds all expectations. Car has an obscene amount of grip and turn-in is sharper than the PS2s they replaced. Whatever gives the PSS such a crisp turn-in is present on this tire as well.

They are significantly better in the dry and wet than the all seasons I run on my M3s, namely the Pilot Sport A/S Plus and the Conti DWSes. The Pilot Sport A/S Pluses are a bit scary in the wet due to lack of traction, and the DWSes have horribly languid turn-in and steering response, as well as howling during moderate cornering and braking like an economy tire.

If they do well in the snow this is truly a GOAT tire and I would much rather run these than all-seasons. Can't wait to see how well they do in snow and what the wear is like. I drive 700 miles a week so I will find out quickly.