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Originally Posted by Squawks
Nope, he didn't get convicted but hey, he didn't get acquitted either. If there was so much evidence against the plaintiff, why settle then? Hmmm...doesn't this stir up any questions?

Skills are not the only prerequisites for an All Stars, so he doesn't get my vote. Whydidn't TO get to play for the Eagles? It's not because he lacked skills....
Originally Posted by timzerofive
Why would he settle? Perhaps he feels overwhelmed having to split his presence between 2 "courts". Perhaps he feels like him and his wife has been put in the spotlight for too long and no longer wants that. Anybody would if they have the money.
TE said stuff that was bad in regards to his team, that's why he didn't get to play. If Kobe had said, "you know what, my teammate Shaq, he sucks, basketball sucks, I hate playing it," I wouldn't vote for him either.

Haha, read this quote today's LA Times
"...That much said, I really hate Kobe-haters. They're like little Pommerianians yapping at your heals. Completely annoying..."

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