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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
If you want "sport", you don't buy a SUV, its that simple. My wife is not a "sporty" driver, hence she has a X5…its the family car, kids use and abuse it, gets us skiing, and hauls gear. My 911 is a sports car.

To me, these small SUVs are completely useless cars…have zero extra carrying capacity, and all the negative qualities of a SUV. So basically for posers.
It remains to be seen. If Porsche made a smaller sedan or the 991 could fit my kids I would not consider the Macan but as it stands it's the smallest and likely sportiest car they build with space for my two kids. I do suspect the Macan will feel more nimble and sportier than the Panny even if it's not faster. We'll see but I'm optimistic.