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Tonka's given some good advice (btw, way to go Casanova for deciding to eat Chipotle anyways - I'm sure that was a wicked good decision on your part - actually, bet I might have done the same and we both would have learned the same lesson)

Billup - just wanted to say that it sounds like you're thinking and that's great.

The advice here, while I think is good, is just from people who cannot possibly understand everything there is about your current relationship (including all the good - not just bad). So take it in the way it is meant - it is just consideration points, only you know the true in's and out's of your relationship, and only you can measure whether its truly healthy for you, and her, and whether it should continue or not.

You sound like a smart guy and I'm sure you will make the right decision, there isn't a need to rush into it, take the time you need, but try to truly evaluate the situation as a whole - not just with the emotion you feel when talking to your SO. Think about the actions, from both of you, not just on her side - is it truly one sided or could you be trivializing your own issues (and I have no idea, but if you reach the point where you decide you want to make this work - at least for a while longer, I think its a question you will really need to evaluate).

I read about a little tool I suppose you would call it - a test more or less, which may be helpful in evaluating yourself somewhat honestly which has stuck with me - if you're interested, PM me.