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Originally Posted by cjwb1984 View Post
My argument for that rumor is only the engine choices in the S and Turbo that was supposedly leaked in a dealer meeting.

My first point is that there is already a supercharged V6 that produces 333hp and 325lbs-ft that Porsche can use from Audi.

Second, as I stated previously, Porsche just develop a new 3.0L twin turbo V6 that produces 420hp and 384lbs-ft in the 2014 Panamera S.
It is not a rumor if there is actually a picture from the private dealer meeting. It clearly stated 3.0 bi-turbo and 3.6 bi-turbo.

The 3.0L TFSI in the SQ5 will not be used by Porsche. No way Porsche will detune it from 354hp and put it in the S. Also not to mention that engine has been out quite a long time, it's shelf life it running out. Audi will be moving away from supercharging in the near future.

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