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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
You will not get to keep EDC with any of those options (or any coilover currently available). KW does make a coilover that has similar electronic adjustability with a button that needs to be wired into your car but it will not integrate with EDC.

The different versions listed above are due to the fact that the shaft size in the rear differs between EDC and non-EDC cars. If your car has EDC then you want the "EDC" version of the suspension and vice-versa. It is actually possible to install the EDC version on a non-EDC car but you will need to purchase some of the suspension parts from BMW to convert your car's mounting points to the EDC version.

As far as the 2-way vs 3-way system goes you obviously have more adjustability with the 3-way version which adds low-speed compression adjustment (IIRC). Most people buy the 2-way version because its about $2k less and it performs very well. I have the 3-way and honestly don't use all of the adjustability available.
Thanks for taking the time to explain that Slicer, I really appreciate it!