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Originally Posted by Andrewe92 View Post
Awesome answer! I appreciate the help guys.. Yeah well Black Friday is coming up I'm sure there will be a sale on dslr cameras I mean best but has a sale now on them , pretty good deals just not sure how many lens and stuff I would buy but thanks for the angel eye mini tutorial it should def be a sticky. Someone make it happen!
You don't have to necessarily consider new. You can get some pretty amazing deals on craigslist, many people will include a lens, two, or three depending on what they have. The glass will be your biggest assets, the body you can upgrade as you learn more. Plus, most people that are selling DSLR's typically take very good care of them, as they aren't exactly rough and tough cameras getting tossed around like many point-to-shoot cameras.

Good luck! Let us know what you end up getting!