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Originally Posted by Itsed65 View Post
That is about like asking "What car should I buy?"

Before anyone can answer, we at least need to know what you define "reasonable price" as. Also, what do you want to shoot? Cars, animals, people, action, nature, etc... Do you want an interchangeable lens camera (DSLR, like a Canon or Nikon or Mirror-less, like a Sony or Olympus) , or more of a point and shoot type? It can get complicated very quickly!

To get the angel eyes, it is a matter of the proper exposure, which is part of the "triangle" of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO setting. Normally for the lights to show well, you would use a tripod and a slow exposure near dawn or dusk for best results, although I'm sure others have their own methods.
Yea you're right the word "reasonable" is different for everyone I guess I just meant within $400.. and cars and nature for the most part is what I would be dealing with. I've been looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T3 and thanks for the great feedback by the way!!